The main characteristics of the commodity auction market:
  1. 1Bidding is carried out in the form of one-sided auctions.
  2. 2Companies with the category "Auction Customer" are allowed to organize auctions. Companies with the status of "Auction Participant" can participate in auctions.
  3. 3Auction participants place bids, according to the results of the auction between the organizer and the winner / winners, contracts of sale are concluded.
  4. 4Clearing and settlements under the concluded agreements are not carried out by the Exchange.
  5. 5The parties that have entered into an exchange agreement fulfill their obligations for payment and delivery in a bilateral mode, without using the infrastructure of the exchange.
Trading rules (Regulations of interaction
with the Auction Customer)
Admission to trading:
  1. 1To obtain the status of Auction Customer, it is necessary to meet additional conditions, such as a period of work on the market for at least three years and a turnover of at least 1 billion rubles. in year.
  2. 2To obtain the status of an Auction Participant, the admission procedure is simplified as much as possible.
  3. 3The Exchange admits a person to the market of commodity auctions of NTB JSC after providing the appropriate package of documents, concluding agreements on participation in trading and paying a monthly fee.
A two-level tolerance scheme is used:
  1. 1The Exchange determines a set of requirements, the fulfillment of which will be a condition for the admission of a person to the auctions of the Customers.
  2. 2The requirements are expressed in the provision by the person of a number of documents to the customer or/and the fulfillment of other conditions.
  3. 3In case of successful fulfillment of the conditions of such admission, the Customer notifies the Exchange of the need to admit the Participant to the auctions of this Customer.
  4. 4The Customer also has the right to notify the Exchange of the need to terminate the participant's access to the auctions of the direct Customer. Such notification must be justified by the termination of one of the admission conditions for such auctions. Based on this notification, the Exchange terminates the Participant's access to the Customer's auctions.
Exchange trading organized by LLC "OZK Trading" on the site of JSC "NTB"

Joint presentation webinar of OZK Trading LLC and NTB JSC on exchange commodity auctions for the purchase of wheat 20.07.2021 г.

Joint webinar by OZK Trading LLC and NTB JSC on exchange commodity auctions for the purchase of wheat in 2021

How to become a member and get admission to trading?
  1. 1Roadmap (memo) for potential Participants/Candidates of auctions held by Trading OGC on the Moscow Exchange (NTB JSC)
  2. 2Access of the Candidate to the exchange trading (obtaining the status - Participant)
Bidding candidate submits to the exchange:
  1. 1Application for participation in the organized auction JSC "NTB";
  2. 2Contract for the provision of services for the organized trading of NTB JSC
  3. 3Questionnaire of a legal entity / individual entrepreneur
  4. 4List of documents for obtaining access to the commodity auctions of NTB JSC (available at the link)
Main stages
  1. 1The time for consideration of documents submitted to NTB JSC and assignment of the Participant category is up to 15 days (the maximum period is indicated)
  2. 2After 15 days (or earlier), a notification letter will be sent to the Candidate's email about admission to trading and information on registration as a Bidder.
  3. 3Trades are held in a closed trading system (TS) - "AGRO Auctions"
  4. 4After receiving the notification letter, the Auction Participant is assigned a Code, Trade Identifier, Password for Authentication to the auction, and a link for setting up a Remote Workstation (RWP) for working in the TS also becomes available..
  5. 5Before the start of trading, the participant is charged a subscription fee (1 time per year) - 1,000 rubles. (in accordance with the Rules for organized trading at commodity auctions of NTB JSC).
  6. 6To pay the Subscription fee, the Participant will be sent an invoice from NTB JSC.
  7. 7After completion of all the above procedures, access to trading by NTB JSC is open.
After completion of all the above procedures, access to trading by NTB JSC is open.
Conditions for admission of the Bidder to auctions by OZK Trading LLC (Customer) - provision of auctions to the Customer Account card of the Counterparty with the attachment of documents in accordance with clause 2.2 and clause 2.1 of the Conditions for admission to customer auctions and delivery of goods at the commodity auctions of NTB JSC, respectively, obtaining a positive recommendation for cooperation with OZK Trading LLC following the results of the accreditation procedure with OZK Trading LLC.
  1. 1The exchange conducts organized buy trades.
  2. 2Time of the auction - Moscow.
  3. 3Information on the conduct of trading (time of holding, quality indicators of exchange goods, etc.) is posted on the website of JSC "NTB" 3 days before the start of trading.
  4. 4From the moment the Auction starts, Bidders will be able to submit bids in the Trading System (TS).
  5. 5In the course of trading, all orders registered in the TS and submitted by Trading Members are reflected in the Register of Orders. The register of orders is formed by the Exchange in electronic form.
  6. 6A Bidder may submit more than one bid during a Mini-session. Each bid may be submitted as an improvement to that Bidder's earlier bid or as a separate bid..
The Exchange refuses to register an order in the Register of Orders for the following reasons:
  1. 1Invalid application format;
  2. 2Invalid data in the conditions of the application;
  3. 3Errors related to the powers of the Bidder/Trading Member's ASP;
  4. 4Maximum order volume exceeded.

According to the results of trading (mini-session), the minimum price offered by a trading participant is considered to be the best, relative to other bids submitted by trading participants.

Upon completion of the Auction, the Winners of the auction are automatically determined and the Purchase and Sale Agreements are concluded.

A sample contract is available for viewing link

  1. 1Types of auctions - Т+15 (auto delivery only), Т+45 (only railway delivery)
  2. 2Delivery basis - CPT PJSC "NKHP".
  3. 3The winner of the T-45 auction has the right to switch to an alternative FCA delivery basis (railway), which must be notified by letter to OZK Trading LLC within 1/2 working days from the moment of receiving information about the results of the auction, indicating the station / stations of shipment of goods.
  4. 4Clearing in respect of the Contracts based on the results of organized trading is not carried out.
  5. 5Clearing in respect of the Contracts based on the results of organized trading is not carried out.
  6. 6Under the Sale and Purchase Agreement, OZK Trading LLC withholds an exchange fee from the Winner of the auction (supplier) in the amount of 0.1% of the amount of the Sale and Purchase Agreement for transfer to JSC "NTB" according to the results of the actual delivery of goods.
  7. 7The exchange fee is calculated in accordance with the Rules for Organized Trading at Commodity Auctions of NTB JSC.
  8. 8For Contracts that did not result in the delivery of goods, the Exchange Fee is not charged.

More detailed information about the rules, conditions and other parameters
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